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Shenzhen huimao international freight forwarding co. LTD.

Relying on a strong overseas agency network and aviation resources, Huimao International Freight began to enter the e-commerce market in November 2015, adhering to the customer-centric concept of "all-around, all-process, all-weather", and wholeheartedly providing customers with efficient, economic, honest and lasting services!

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Committed to providing customers with one-stop standardized intelligent international logistics solutions with high service, high quality and high standards
You are only responsible for shipping and picking up goods, and other difficult and miscellaneous diseases are handled by Huimao International
Huimao International has nearly 20 years of one-stop logistics service experience, and its employees have been engaged in the industry for many years. We know that what customers entrust is not only goods, but also our trust and support
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    The choice trusted by customers

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    Concentration and precipitation of time

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    No time difference localization service

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    Above customer satisfaction

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    International freight business elites

One-stop comprehensive logistics service
According to the different needs of customers, the company's professional team will tailor the best international logistics and transportation plan

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